Lorcana Rise of The Floodborn - Starter Deck: Sapphire and Amber (EN)

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Couleur : Multicolore
Description du produit

  • 1 Deck of 60 cards, including 2 glossy cards featuring the characters on the front of the pack

  • 11 game tokens

  • 1 rules booklet

  • 1 booster containing 12 random cards

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The Lorcana Starter Deck

The starter deck is an excellent introduction to Disney's new Lorcana trading card game.

Each deck (deck of cards) is made up of 60 specific cards, specially chosen to provide a balanced playing experience. The list of cards is always identical, depending on the deck chosen.

Each deck comes in two different ink colors. Choose the ones that best suit your playing style!

Each player needs a Disney Lorcana deck of at least 60 cards to play.

A starter deck is also a good starting point for your personalized deck. Use the cards gleaned from the boosters to make the ultimate deck combination!

Which ink to choose ?

The color Sapphire celebrates intelligence, invention and creativity. Many Sapphire powers react with objects, healing or your ink supply.

Steel characters are strong and tough. Steel heroes have strong defenses and can withstand enemy attacks. But they can also fight back!

Amber's magic is tenacious. It pursues its goal relentlessly. Amber heroes often work in groups, with good synergy between them.

Amethyst is the ink of sorcerers and magicians. They are endowed with surprisingly powerful abilities. Deplete opposing characters, regain cards in hand, draw more cards... They've got more than one trick up their sleeve.

Emerald allows you to adapt to any situation. This magic turns unfavorable events to your advantage. It specializes in putting obstacles in the way of your opponents: sending back opponent's cards, making your opponent discard...

Ruby ink is the most aggressive. Ruby heroes are fighters and risk-takers. They are adept at attacking swiftly and extracting the precious lore they gather on their adventures.

Lorcana, a Disney Trading Card Game

Welcome to the magical kingdom of Lorcana! A world brought to life by the power of imagination and fragments of Disney stories. Here, you'll meet many familiar faces, sometimes in never-before-seen guises!

You are the illumineers, the magicians who juggle these story fragments to preserve their magic.

In this card game, you have heroes, objects, songs... All this will enable you to collect Lore, the shards of Lorcana's magical world. The first player to reach 20 Lore shards wins!

What type of game is it ?

Lorcana is a Trading Card Game (TCG). It's a card-based strategy game, rather like Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Ho!...

In this type of game, you first build a deck of cards, according to your style of play. To do this, you use cards from boosters, small packs containing a random mix of cards.

TCGs are lively games, with new and surprising cards released every year.

Learning to play Lorcana couldn't be easier! Just visit the official website or download the Lorcana application.

Discover Lorcana on vidéo
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